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We offer supply only rear window sections at competitive prices. If you have a problem with your rear window such as misting etc. then you may be interested in our Screen Genie, a unique product that clears & cleans uv damaged, opaque & misting of cabriolet plastic rear screens, this can be purchased from this site too. If you would like to view our supply & fit prices then please visit or contact us on 0117 9728383

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clear cabriolet hood repair adhesive   Cabriolet Soft T..   Clear Cabriolet Hood Repa..         £4.16 + VAT  
  This will not be sent out in a blister pack as per photo. this is a clear waterproof repair adhesive that will fix rips, holes, splits, wear & tear etc very quickly. suitable for cabriolet hoods, tents, clothing , horse rugs,..
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rear window large repair kit for cabriolets/soft t   Cabriolet/soft T..   Rear Window Large Repair ..         £11.82 + VAT  
  Ideal for splits & holes. consists of: 15g clear adhesive & 2 patches of top quality vybak flexible pvc 1 green tint & 1 clear - size is approx 300 mm x 120 mm , tuff tape 150 x 75 mm, pair of protective gloves & ..
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clear sheet of vybak for rear windows on cabriolet   Clear Vybak Rear..   Clear Sheet Of Vybak For ..         £17.15 + VAT  
  This clear plastic window vybak sheeting comes in a 1372mm x 610mm 1mm sheet, green tint is also available through this site. the size is as most o.e.m applications. ideal for replacing your damaged rear window section - unstitch ..
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rear window clear repair tape for cabriolet/soft t   Tape For Rear Wi..   Rear Window Clear Repair ..         £3.29 + VAT  
  This is 1 roll of uv stable clear tape, suitable for a temporary repair on the following, allowing you time to book your vehicle in for repair or to give you time to save for any repair you may need: splits in cabriolet hood/soft ..
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green tint vybak sheeting   Replacement Rear..   Green Tint Vybak Sheeting..         £17.15 + VAT  
  This plastic window vybak sheeting comes in a 1372mm x 610mm 1mm sheet and has a green tint. the size is as most o.e.m applications
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small rear window repair kit for cabriolet/soft to   Rear Pvc Soft To..   Small Rear Window Repair ..         £5.82 + VAT  
  The kit includes: one piece of stormsure self adhesive tuff tape (approx 150 mm x75 mm) , a 5g tube of waterproof, flexible, slow curing, ultra strong bonding and repair adhesive and 2 1mm thick flexiglass/vybak patches 70 x 120..
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  1 - 6 of 6 rear windows
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