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Here are a selection of either unique products or those products that we feel did not fit into any particular category but are still of great importance

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sp9 squeak eliminator for sunroofs & soft tops   Squeak Eliminiat..   Sp9 Squeak Eliminator For..         £10.99 + VAT  
  A specialist perfluoropolyether product. use on vehicle components for the elimination of interior & exterior trim squeaks, sticking doors, sunroof seals, window channels & reduction of leather creaks. non toxic silicone ..
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sp1 sunroof & cabriolet hood mechanism grease   Sunroof & Ca..   Sp1 Sunroof & Cabriol..         £5.50 + VAT  
  A precision grease application for sunroof & soft top mechanisms. an inert ptfe grease is safe for use on abs plastic & metal mechanisms. unlike mineral grease that is used which effects the plastic used by manufacturers,..
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  1 - 2 of 2 miscellaneous
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